Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eolian islands

All the seven islands at once. Can you spot Alicudi?
The second part of our Holiday in Sicily took us to the Eolian islands. One of our main reasons to  visit Sicily was to see the vulcanos. I vetoed visiting both Stromboli and Etna. I told Jasmin to choose one. Stromboli won. We decided to stay on Lipari, the most connected of the islands.

And another nice view from the Hotel Villa Diana

From there we visited Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli. Visiting the islands it's easy, there is plenty of organized tours once you are there. Prices are all kind of the same, so there isn't really too much choice.

Jasmin playing with the phone on another crater (Vulcano island).

Stromboli was the island that we liked the most. Certainly the volcano helps. But maybe it's the hippy atmosphere that we appreciates. Oh and if you happen to visit the island you should not miss the gelateria Lapillo. The best ice cream of the entire holiday.

All we could see of the mighty Stromboli.

By the way, we could not climb up the Stromboli, to our disappointment, because of intense lava activity. Lava is pretty rare on Stromboli, so it's not unfair to say we were unlucky. But now Jasmin wasn't happy anymore, she wanted more of the volcano... and I had to lift my ban. Next stage: Etna.

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