Monday, October 6, 2014


Our flight back to Switzerland would take off from Catania. Tired of too much moving, we decided to spend the last few days in complete relax. We found a nice spa on top of  Etna. "But no climb up" I said. Yeah... as soon as I called the hotel (Hotel Corsaro, our best stay for this holiday) the person I was talking to at the phone (Davide) told me "you guys have to go up, they just re-opened the central crater". Damn...
The central crater. Every now and then you could peak at the start of this 28 Km hole. Impressive, really.

But the stay was indeed quite relaxing. We left the hotel only for the hike. The hike was not tough at all. Actually most of it is with motorized vehicles, you first get up with a cable car and then with a truck(!). A real tiring hike would have made me appreciate the spa even more. Also, you get to leave only at 10:30. then you spend ages in the cable car queue. Finally you queue for the truck. The clouds go up much faster.

Entrance of the cable car: it felt like the old good times lining up for certificates in Italy.

That's it. Our holiday ended with half a day at Taormina (Frankly, not the highlight of this trip).

I, the wind and the South crater, the most active currently.

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